Donate Paint

All this paint can be used for a charity!

Errors in mixing paint, discontinued paint, over ordering, jobs cancelled and the list goes on as to why we have unproductive inventory taking up space in our warehouses. These errors represent a financial loss which is only made worse by the fact it is taking up space that could be put to better use. 

Paint Stores- Shades of paint frequently become mistints when they are incorrectly mixed and do not match the color requirements of the customer. As these mistakes occur, the rejected cans of paint are routinely put in what is commonly known as the “goof pile”. The acquisitions of other stores often come with unwanted lines of paint which in turn are added to the pile of unwanted paint.  

Paint Manufacturers- Do you have discontinued product, “off spec” colors, dealer “take backs” that are a transportation and disposal financial nightmare? 

Commercial/Office Buildings- Do you have paint left over from over ordering on a job, color scheme changes, job change or cancellations?

Get rid of the unwanted paint and get back valuable space in an environmentally preferable way, by donating it and not trashing it! (Full Containers Only) has thousands of not-for-profit organizations that could put your unwanted paint to good use. The program facilitates moving your unwanted paint from your warehouse to your local charities and does not charge for their services.  Forget about paying to dispose of good paint, do good by giving your paint to those it could help the most.    Donate your pile of unwanted paint today!

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